The History of Texas Hog Bait

The Texas Wildlife Group is proud to announce the acquisition of Texas Hog Bait. As a family-owned business based Texas, we are passionate about the outdoors, conservation and supporting our local community. We are committed to delivering exceptional products and service for professional hog trappers, guides and those that simply love to hunt

We are excited about the future of Texas Hog Bait and bringing new innovative products to our customers. We know that feral hogs continue to be a major problem for farmers, ranchers and private land owners – and we’re honored to play a part in addressing this issue. 

We take great pride in our Made in Texas products and proudly stand behind everything we offer.

Texas Hog Bait was born in the Texas Hill Country with one thing in mind – to create the most effective hog attractant on the market that consistently delivers stellar results.

Working alongside professional trappers and guides throughout the US, it took years of trial and error to get it right. We started experimenting with different formulas. We mixed different ingredients in kitchens and garages and took those homemade hog baits out to test them over and over.

Through hard work, research, and testing, Texas Hog Bait identified the optimal bait and attractant combinations for getting the results professional trappers, guides and hunters have been wanting for decades.

What’s more, during the testing of the Texas Hog Bait products, it was discovered that the attractants were consistently bringing in deer, bear and other wildlife as well.The feedback and the results were mind blowing. One customer said, “It doesn’t just work, it brings in hogs and deer for weeks after the bait was long gone.” 

After hundreds of stellar reviews, there is no doubt that Texas Hog Bait is the best long-range attractants available on the market today.