The History of Texas Hog Bait

Texas Hog Bait was born in Hill County when we had a large hog problem on our family farm. We were so overrun, the wild hogs were meeting us in the driveway just trying to check the mail. We needed so much hog bait, we must have tried every hog hunting product available on the market. Nothing was really, consistently bringing hogs in and, more importantly, keeping them in.

With over 40 years of experience in hunting and trapping hogs, we’ve all been hunting mainly for the love of hunting. We knew we needed a better game attractant than what was out there. We started experimenting with different formulas to find what really worked, mixing different ingredients in our own kitchens and garages and taking our homemade hog baits out to test them over and over.

It’s amazing what you can figure out about wild pigs if you take the time to study their every move. Most folks are of the opinion, “It’s a hog, it will eat anything.” That’s just not true. Through our hard work, research, and testing, we identified the optimal bait and attractant combinations for getting the results we had been wanting for decades.

While testing our Texas Hog Bait products, we found they didn’t just work well for hogs. We were bringing in deer, bear, you name it. We were still not satisfied. We wanted to know our bait was the best. So we started loading up outfitters and hunters with Texas Hog Bait products across the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Who better to prove our products than others looking for great bait and attractants just like us.

The results scared us. It was not just working, it was bringing in hogs for weeks after the bait was long gone. We received stellar reviews across the board from hog hunters and hog trappers, alike. We are confident saying Texas Hog Bait is the best hog bait and long range attractants available on the market today.

Now, Texas Hog Bait is the only thing we use on our farms and properties. We take great pride in our products. We also take great pride in providing our community – hunters, farmers, trappers, and families – with products we proudly stand behind.

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