Buck Seduction

We had a large time with our friends, Tracy and Ronette, from Buck Seduction on Day 1 of the Backwoods Hunting and Fishing Expo in Oklahoma City. Tracy has put years into making sure you bring your perfect buck’s big brother to the table. Seriously, you can’t beat the deer bait he’s putting out there. Scent so good, I had to taste it for myself. DAMN! it’s good!

Fallen Outdoors

Texas Hog Bait is proud and humbled, as a first-responder- and veteran-owned business, to have met Cody, Chris, and Tyler (all veterans) from Fallen Outdoors. This non-profit organization is working hard to reach out to veterans in a way that touches their interests and sense of comradery. We look forward building a great relationship with these warbreeds and giving back to our veteran community.


I’ve carried a SOG Elite Auto for years…by far my favorite knife I’ve ever hooked on the high side of my pocket. We met Butch at the CobraTec booth and he introduced us to a revolutionary, lighter weight comp auto that saves the need for a second hand. 420 steel, Damascus, you name it…CobraTec puts it in your hand in a way you’ll never need a second hand. I’m sold!