Yonder Waterfowl

I love to see young entrepreneurs. Better than that, I love to see young entrepreneurs putting out high-quality, handmade products. DUCK CALLS! We met Nick, Carter, and Matthew while we watched Tate forming another handmade duck call on the lathe. The Yonder Waterfowl guys are awesome and you can be proud to carry their handmade, American-made duck calls on your next hunting trip. We watched several experienced duck hunters step up to the Yonder Waterfowl booth, blow their calls, and immediately buy their own. They speak for themselves.

Fan Collector Calls

Mr. Arnold Patton introduced us to the most amazing turkey box call I have ever heard. And this man knows his business. He demonstrated everything from multiple hens on the same call to he and his son simulating a gobbler fight on his patented Triple Tease. Fan Collector Calls is a family-owned business that puts out the best quality you will find in turkey and predator calls. Check them out…and while you’re at it, check out the Double Talk!

River Bottom Pursuits

We met Chad Yousey at the River Bottom Pursuits booth. Chad hunted river bottoms growing up and is taking that heritage with him and sharing it with youth and veteran hunters. We had a great conversation with Chad about our mutual interest in hosting hunts for veterans and getting involved with other veteran support organizations. We are looking forward to extending this relationship to see how we can give back.